145 Feet Under the Sea

Photographer Andreas Franke has created a mythical underwater world for a new exhibition – but you can only see it with your scuba gear on. 

I was so bored at work today I almost fell asleep, I tried everything: coffee, tea, jumping dancing and hopping in the hallway, making faces in the mirror- ughhhh- I still kept yawning. Then I saw an email from my sister-in-low Lilly (check out her lovely blog) with the link to this incredible article and these photos woke me up immediately!!!  Crazy ideas always inspire me! What do you think about this underwater exhibition???



  • OMG, that might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I would love to check that out! Up first. . .learn how to scuba!

    xo Jenny

    • elena

      Ohhh- I wish I learned scuba diving when we were in Vietnam!!!!!!! Lazy me!;)

  • Crazy and cool but I´m probably the worst diver around. No need to kill myself while I watch an exhibition


    • elena

      HaHa:) Me toooo!!!!!!!!!

  • I absolutely love these photographs. They are quite spooky though..like ghosts of people who went died in a sinking ship. The exhibition being underwater is certainly an attention grabbing idea x

    • elena

      I agree with you- so mysterious….Creepy and awesome at the same time!

  • this is beyond amazing! I love it! when you think you’ve seen it all…something like this comes up!

  • Ani

    wow, that is just breathtaking, haven’t seen such a cool photgraphical art work before, that is pretty impressing. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics all the time Elena 🙂

    <3 Ani