Blog Reader Sketch

fashion illustration, watercolor illustrationGood morning my friends,  I hope you remember that every Tuesday I post illustrations inspired by my linkup participants.

Today’s muse is Meegan @flats to flip flops. Hope you like this little surprise!

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words about my illustrations here on the blog and social media! A few weeks ago Emma Roberts and Baublebar featured my work on their Instagram pages, and yesterday Emma reposted another sketch. I’m beyond touched by the love and support I’ve gotten for my work.

Have a fabulous day everyonefashion illustration, watercolor illustrations, Emma Roberts illustration fashion illustration, watercolor illustrations, Emma Roberts illustration



  • Megan

    You are so talented, love! These are great!

  • Natalia Restrepo

    Wow, that is so cool Elena, congratulations, you are really talented and that sketch came out great.


  • Fleurani

    I am sooooooooo thrilled and excited for you Elena. Finally more People get to see how hard working and talented you are. Soooo proud of you :-* Love ya <3

  • Congratulations on the features!! I love all of your illustrations 🙂