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Weekend Favorites

morning coffee and sketchingGood morning friends,

I hope you all having an amazing weekend. Today I wanted to share with you some of my weekend favorites that help to love my reflection in the mirror:) Being a first time mom it is very easy to stuck in the routine and make a lot of excuses. When my baby was born, we used to go to the pool almost every day, I took yoga classes and we also spent a lot of time outside so I got in shape pretty fast. But there was a time when I got very busy with commission projects while still taking care of the baby so I started making the excuses. Until the day when my hubby made a comment that I look pregnant again, ohh well, bad sense of humor!!!! On the other hand, it was a good kick that motivated to start taking care of myself.

My first find is this Frank coffee scrub. I first stumbled on their Instagram page and loved their dirty sense of humor and hilarious marketing “get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.”. After reading some reviews, I knew I must have it. Guys, this is the best scrub ever, it really does wonders to my skin.body scrub, coffee scrubSecond, is the argan oil collection. I love “Oil for body and hair”.

wild argan oil, argan spa, wild argan bodycare

Shower Gel

And last but not least is this beautiful Boden activewear. If you’ve purchased something from Boden before, then you know how good is their quality. Let me tell you, this active wear will make you want to exercise every day and will take your workout to the next level! And how pretty is this print!boden sportwearNo more excuses!!! Every morning I do stretching, some pushups and run with the baby in a stroller.Boden active wearUse the promotional code YOGA to purchase from the Boden website with 15% off  through November 9, 2014!!

What are your favorite finds this month????




Feel Your Best

carefree, feel your best, healthy eatsWith life being so busy it is very easy to forget about how important it is to make time for yourself. As I approach thirty, I’ve started paying more attention to little things I took for granted for many many years. These little things make me feel and look best and I wanted to share them with you.

Let’s talk about skin care routine. There was the time when I could skip washing my face before going to bed and it was still flawless, now it’s a different story. Ahhh how I miss this time:) Taking a good care, using right products and applying sunscreen is very important. You know what else helped to clear my skin? Bikram yoga! Love it The practice of yoga does wonders not only for my skin but also for my mood and body. What I love about yoga is if I can’t go to my Bikram class I can spend 15 minutes in a morning at home, stretch my body and boost the energy for the rest of the day.feel your best

Time out for myself.

Taking short beaks from everyday routine helps me to clear my mind and catch up my breath. Finding just 5 minutes for myself when I can forget about cooking, cleaning and job, sometimes works like an hour at spa. I just love these precious moments when I can make some delicious tea, grab my favorite magazine and relax on the porch.

tea breakAnd of course eating healthy is important too. BUT I love treating myself with these pretty sweets:)delicious treats carefree, feel your best

So soft, so thin, so absorbent. Carefree® Acti-Fresh® daily liners leave you feeling nothing but fresh. Get $0.50 off any Carefree product here

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Energizer Personal Care via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Energizer Personal Care.



Perfect Baby Bag

designer diaper bag, perfect diaper bag, removable diaper bag, Aubrey Bailey tote, Lily Jade The moment I found out I was pregnant, I started planning baby’s and mine outfits, decorating the nursery and looking for a perfect diaper bag. Being a first time mom, I wanted to spoil myself with a designer bag and have been on the hunt for the perfect bag for a long long time. I can’t believe it took me 14 months to finally invest in a gorgeous designer bag!!! This Aubrey Bailey tote is super pretty and stylish but I also wanted it to be very practical. That’s when I came across Lily Jade that have removable and washable baby bag organizers. What I love most about this organizer is that there are more than 14 pockets in different size-plenty of space for everything. It can be tossed in a wash and fit into another medium purse, isn’t it genius.designer diaper bag, perfect diaper bag, removable diaper bag, Aubrey Bailey tote, Lily Jade designer diaper bag, perfect diaper bag, removable diaper bag, Aubrey Bailey tote, Lily Jade designer diaper bag, perfect diaper bag, removable diaper bag, Aubrey Bailey tote, Lily Jade designer diaper bag, perfect diaper bag, removable diaper bag, Aubrey Bailey tote, Lily Jade Check out these gorgeous diaper bags!!!

I received the Lily Jade baby bag for the review, all opinions are mine



“Kayture” Fashion Illustration

fashion illustration, trendy illustration, fashion painting of Kristina Bazan, gorgeous portrait

by Elena Fay

First of all, thank you so much for your kind wishes on my previous post!!! Your sweet words really made me feel better! I don’t like to complain about anything on my blog but feels that I know you so well and I can share anything with you.  Since the baby was born I didn’t pay much attention to my health, as a result I started having postpartum thyroid problems and severe allergies. I realized that I need a big boost to my immune system and the first step will be Bikram yoga, more sleep, drinking more water and no more ice cream at 11pm:) As much as I complain about stress and sleepless nights, being a mom is the best feeling ever and kissing my baby’s sweet cheeks 24/7 makes me the happiest person on the planet!

Most of you might already know her, but for those who don’t it’s my pleasure to introduce to you Kristina Bazan @ Kayture.  Young, gorgeous and passionate about fashion, Kristina inspired me create this trendy illustration. Hope you like it and head over to Instagram to see the video of work in illustration, trendy illustration, fashion painting of Kristina Bazan, gorgeous portraitfashion illustration, trendy illustration, fashion painting of Kristina Bazan, gorgeous portrait, watercolor art, watercolor illustration



Summer Hacks

summer hacks, silky legs, lightening hair with lemon juice, Veet cream14 months ago the miracle happened-my baby boy was born and I was the happiest person on the planet (still is). Since that day, everything has changed. I realized that spending more than 3 minutes in a shower is a luxury, visiting my favorite hair stylist and cosmetologist -happy moments that are in a past. The first couple of months were the most difficult and I’m sure moms will understand me. It was a struggle to look polished and I didn’t like it! I was ok to go outside with no make up on but taking care of my skin and hair was still important to me.

Let’s start with smooth legs. I know it’s not glamorous to talk about shaving your legs but it is a beach season and we all want silky skin for the summer so why don’t we share our secrets? I’ve used the Veet products for years and was excited to try smth new from their line. This time I’ve tried “in-shower hair removal cream (sensitive)” and was very happy with the result! It is fast, easy and simple to use-what else a busy mom can ask for?:)veet cream, silky legs for summer

Here are my favorite summer hacks that made my life much easier during the pregnancy and first months after the baby was born.

It is very important to stay hydrated during hot summer days, but drinking water can be boring, here is a fun delicious alternative. Cranberry tea is the best refreshment ever! Put fresh (or frozen) cranberries in a big jar and add boiling water, steam it for a few minutes. It is delicious, refreshing and tremendously good for your health. I used leftovers of this cranberry water for my skin. Use it for washing your face and you’ll see great results in no time.pancakes and cranberries, morning treats, breakfast in bedFrozen yogurt covered blueberries was my favorite snack during the pregnancy (here is the recipe). Every time I craved for an ice cream-I crabbed a small bag of this delicious healthy dessert and completely forgot about double caramel ice cream. frozen yogurt covered blueberries_healthy snack_recipe_

Share your summer hacks!!!!!



Veet® helps you feel smooth all summer long. There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom that summer brings.

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