Cool Breeze

fashion illustration, summer sketch, watercolor illustrationHappy Friday my loves! How have you all been??? Wow, it’s been a while since my last post here, though I’m constantly sharing my sketches on Instagram @dcinstyle, so stop by and say hi:) These past few months were pretty busy and I’m happy to get back on the blog again!

My baby boy is 2 months old already, where is the time going???? I can’t believe that we are in the middle of November already! There was a time when we could plan a nice vacation at the end of the year and relax on the beach but with 2 kids it isn’t as easy as it was. I really admire families who travel with little kids and not afraid of anything. And if I can’t get to the beach, I sketch it:) Sipping refreshing coconut water while working on this fun illustration helps me to imagine myself on the beach:))

fashion illustration, fashion art, watercolor art, girl on a beachI was super excited to find my favorite coconut water with sweet orange and peach/mango flavors!!!
coco vitagirl with coconut illustration BLOGLOVIN’ / PINTERESTINSTAGRAM / ETSY

  • Welcome back Devushka!

    Indeed it’s quite hard to travel with kids, although some people do make it work. I also love any ideas to channel the summer when you’re a three-hour drive from the closest ocean and it’s snowing outside. I like to put on sunscreen, and although coconut water isn’t the first thing I’ll drink on the beach (for me it’s diet coke, or watermelon or, best, carrot juice), I do like the taste very much! Now you’re making me want to escape to Mexico or somewhere warm when the winter will get worse in DC!

    Looking forward to more awesome posts from you,



  • Beautiful piece. Looks like a postcard. Hope you and your baby boy are doing well.

  • Found your blog while cruizing, your artwork is beautiful! I’ve added you to my Bloglovin feed and looking forward to your post!

  • Molly Hogan

    Great post! So positive and uplifting 🙂