Looking Pretty Even in the Delivery Room

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by Elena Fay

Isn’t it funny how you always remember what you were wearing on the most memorable days of your life…Having the baby is the most important event in my life and I knew that lots and lots of pictures will be taken in the hospital, so I wanted to look pretty:) I know it’s a little bit unusual to show something like this on the blog but women who experienced the delivery in a hospital know what I mean by saying that hospital gowns are not cute:) I started looking for stylish, affordable and, of course, comfortable hospital gowns online and stumbled upon Lisa’s Etsy shop.  I was super excited to team up with Lisa to showcase one of her beautiful delivery gowns. This super soft gown is made by hand for the birth of your baby! I got so many compliments on this pretty gown and I know exactly what to get for my pregnant girlfriends now!

This makes an amazing baby shower gift so don’t forget to visit Lisa’s Etsy shop,  Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter page and find something for your friend or yourself!!!
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  • Beautiful photos! x

  • Big congrats on your handsome little boy 🙂 may he bring you more joy than you could ever imagine!

    We don’t wear hospital gowns in the UK for natural labour. Just told to bring a couple of nighties and a light dressing gown. This is super cute though! Xx

  • That last picture is amazing of you holding your beautiful baby.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Pastel Hues’. I would love to read what you think.



  • Elena you look so pretty and stylish. That dress is so adorable and Ethan is the sweetest. You are so lucky and your baby too. He has the best mommy 😀


  • Agi

    Cute gown. I know that when I was in labor I couldn’t care less what i was wearing. YOu look very pretty in it.



  • Jessica

    Love the pretty delivery gown! You look super cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  • ani

    Elena, the last picture is so precious, I love how you hold your little baby boy Ethan ( LOVE the name) in such a pretty maternity dress. Beeing comfy yet very stylish 🙂 I hope the delivery didnt hurt?

    Kisses and hugs to you and baby boy 🙂


  • What a great idea! I can’t believe I’ve never seen anyone wear a pretty hospital gown before. Yours is so pretty!!

    xo Jenny

  • I totally agree with you Elena…..we all must be picture perfect for the best days of our lives!!! I cant wait to see drawings of the bundle of joy!


  • Ira
  • Yay Elena! Congrats!!

  • Oh my goodness, he’s here!!! Congrats Elena! He’s beautiful.

  • A stylish hospital gown? GENIUS. Congratulations on that cutie patootie!

    May the force be with you.

  • Oh, how wonderful to see you and your gorgeous son! You both look so great. thanks for sharing these photos with Visible Monday! xoxo

  • Beautiful photos and perfect for Mother’s Day!!! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  • Absolutely precious! Thank you so much for sharing your priceless treasure with us. What a joy he will bring to you:)
    Also thanks for the hospital gown tip, perfect gift to give to mother’s.

  • What a great concept! I was wearing sweats to and from the hospital!


  • A&S

    Aw these pictures are so precious. Congrats!!


  • Beautiful photos and beautiful painting!

  • HUGE congrats! That is the most beautiful hospital gown. Best wishes to you!!