Fashion Inspiration: Marc Jacobs

fashion inspiration: Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs drawing, Marc Jacobs sketch, watercolor, painting

illustration by Elena Fay

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your kind words and “get well” wishes. Your support really means a lot to me! It’s so nice outside and I don’t want to waste even a minute laying in my bed, so hopefully, I’ll get back on track very soon!

As I mentioned before, April is one of the most amazing months in DC thanks to cherry blossom. Delicate petals fly everywhere and the smell is just amazing! Thinking about how to prolong these spring moments, I found a great solution – Marc Jacobs Fragrance. The floral bouquet of Daisy Eau de Toilette is sweet, young and playful and reminds me of first spring days.


Во первых, хотела всех поблагодарить за ваши теплые пожелания о скором выздоровлении. Ваша поддержка очень мне дорога!!! Погода просто чудесная и не хочется терять ни минуты, так что надеюсь встать на ноги как можно скорее!

Я уже говорила что Апрель в Вашингтоне просто сказочный и все благодаря цветущей вишне. Повсюду летают нежные лепестки а запах просто сложно описать словами! Так хочется продлить эти весенние моменты и кажется я нашла решение-Marc Jacobs Fragrance. Цветочный аромат такой игривый, сладковатый и напоминае о первых днях весны.Marc Jacobs Fragrance, fashion inspiration, Marc Jacobs, fashion

fashion illustration, Marc Jacobs Fragrance sketch, illustration ink drawing

fashion inspiration: Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs drawing, Marc Jacobs sketch, watercolor, painting

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  • Beautiful art work!!! I’ve actually never smelled this perfume before but I’ve heard great things. Maybe it’ll be my new “signature scent” for spring?
    Isn’t That Charming.

  • I love Marc Jacobs scence of mode, your ilustrations are lovely!

  • Ani

    Elena I am just so impressed everytime you come up with another illustration. It’s sweet as heaven :-9i


    • elena

      Ohhhh thank you Ani!!!!!!!!! All these little things are so precious I just can’t resist to draw them, I’m super glad you like it!!!!!!

  • Very romantic drawing. Sweet!