Feel Your Best

carefree, feel your best, healthy eatsWith life being so busy it is very easy to forget about how important it is to make time for yourself. As I approach thirty, I’ve started paying more attention to little things I took for granted for many many years. These little things make me feel and look best and I wanted to share them with you.

Let’s talk about skin care routine. There was the time when I could skip washing my face before going to bed and it was still flawless, now it’s a different story. Ahhh how I miss this time:) Taking a good care, using right products and applying sunscreen is very important. You know what else helped to clear my skin? Bikram yoga! Love it The practice of yoga does wonders not only for my skin but also for my mood and body. What I love about yoga is if I can’t go to my Bikram class I can spend 15 minutes in a morning at home, stretch my body and boost the energy for the rest of the day.feel your best

Time out for myself.

Taking short beaks from everyday routine helps me to clear my mind and catch up my breath. Finding just 5 minutes for myself when I can forget about cooking, cleaning and job, sometimes works like an hour at spa. I just love these precious moments when I can make some delicious tea, grab my favorite magazine and relax on the porch.

tea breakAnd of course eating healthy is important too. BUT I love treating myself with these pretty sweets:)delicious treats carefree, feel your best

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