• Cuteness! 🙂

    • elena

      Thank you Shira!

  • У вас талант! очень красиво))
    В моем блоге проходит праздничный конкурс, заходи и поучаствуй)))

    • elena

      Огромное спасибо! Обязательно загляну

  • Oh it’s lovely! You are very talented.

    Corinne x

    • elena

      Thank you so much Corinne, you are very sweet!!!

  • Another great artwork Elena. What I miss though is the comparison to the orginal, means would be great if you could post the oringial pic beside this. Hope you are doing great my friend?


    • elena

      Aww you are the sweetest, I’ll try posting original photos next time-thank you for suggestion!!!

  • Another beautiful illustration. I have checked her out at Instagram too. Looks just like the photo. Thanks again for my beautiful illustration. My sisters will be sooo jealous but I love it 😀

    xx Mira


    • elena

      Thank you so much Mira, I’m glad you liked your sketch- I’m going to post it here soon

  • This is beautiful. You are soooo talented.



    • elena

      Thanks a lot Sofia!!!!!

  • What a beautiful illustration Elena! You’re so talented. I’m off to explore your etsy shop!!

    • elena

      Thank you very much Danielle and hope you’ll like smth in my shop:)

  • This is so fabulous! I am in so in love!

  • I love love love fashion illustration, and yours is just fantastic!

    • elena

      Thank you so much Stephanie!!!