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Happy Wednesday everyone!

My dearest friend Ani, who is also a blogger, came from Germany to US to spend Christmas holidays with the love of her life. They are separated by the Atlantic Ocean but for the big love like this one nothing matters! Ani’s love story inspired me to create this romantic illustration and also gave me an idea to start a weekly series where you can share your story with us and I’ll create an illustration based on your story. It can be the first step of your baby, new job, achievements in your career or a trip to a place that you dreamed about for a long time.

Would love to hear your thoughts and please let me know if you want to participate in this series! I’m so excited about it!!!!


Моя подруга Ани, кстати она тоже блоггер, проделала такой далекий путь с Германии до US для того чтобы провести Рождественнские выходные со своим любимым человеком. Их разделяет океан но для таких отношений океан не является большой преградой! Их романтическая история вдохновила меня на создание этой милой иллюстрации а так же подала мне идею начать еженедельную рубрику с вашими историями и иллюстрациями которые будут основаны на этих рассказах. Основой вашей истории может быть первый шаг вашего малыша, новая работа, продвижение по карьерной лестнице либо путешествие о котором вы давно мечтали.

Мне очень интересно услышать ваши мысли об этой идее и если вы хотите поучаствовать обязательно дайте мне знать (можете в комментариях или написать на почтовый ящик).



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  • Ani

    Elena my sweetheart of a friend. I just discovered this illustration on facebook and was like hmm she looks a lil bit like me, clicking to the link that leads to your homepage to found out its me and Eric, hahahah that is so exciting and makes me so incredibly happy. You totally made my day and my month, pretty rough for me right now, thank you so much for this beautiful gift. You are the BEST 🙂

    Love you <3

  • Ani

    forgot to say, that its such a great new series and cant wait to see more of this. You always have the best concepts/ideas. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TALENT you are Elena 🙂

  • I love this! So perfect for Ani with her new hair colour.


  • I love this idea for a new series! Now to find a way to spin my and Cliff’s story to sound romantic… hehe!

  • I love that you are so inspired by happy moments in people’s lives. that is truly a gift!


  • So beautiful!

  • I love a true romance story. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

  • that is so sweet!! xo

  • As soon as I saw the illustration, I thought… that looks like Ani! Beautiful! Love this idea for a new series!

    • elena

      Ohhh really you recognized her from the first sight? I’m so glad you like it Stephanie!

  • OMG… pretty pretty friend Ani… picture perfect as always!!!!


  • What a sweet gift — a beautiful romantic picture! Like your idea of making it a series, too! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!

  • Oh, a sweet love story. Also, what a fun idea for a blog post. I’ll be excited to read about all these people’s life adventures!