Maternity Fashion and Monday Bloom

short dress, maternity style, violet dress, summer maternity dress

Silk dress Signature by Robbie Bee, Daniel Wellington watch

I remember wearing this beautiful silk dress a lot last summer(post here), the difference is I was blonde and didn’t have a baby bump:) Speaking of my baby bump, I feel like these 9 months have flown by, it was like yesterday when I told my hubby this exciting news! My baby boy is definitely having a lot of fun in there-lots of movements kicks and squirms. This last week I found myself doing very odd things like organizing my book shelves and jewelry drawer, will my baby care about the mess in the bathroom-probably not, do I feel that this is the priority #1-yes, so weird!!:) How was your weekend my friends?


Прошлое лето в DC напоминало горячую печь и это легкое шелковое платье (пост здесь)просто спасало меня, разница с прошлым годом-я была блондинкой и бегала без пузика:) Так как я уже начала говорить о пузике,  эти 9 месяцев пролетели безумно быстро, кажется еще вчера я сказала мужу эту радостную новость. Мой малыш веселится сейчас как может-пинается и толкается в полную силу. Эту неделю я была занята совершенно странными и ненужными вещами как уборкой книжных полок и коробочек с украшениями, уверена что ребенку плевать на бардак в ювелирной шкатулке но почему то сейчас мне кажется что все должно быть идеально- странно:)  А как прошла ваша неделя? best photos of bloom, flowers, colors, beautifushort dress, maternity style, violet dress, summer maternity dressshort dress, maternity style, violet dress, summer maternity dressshort dress, maternity style, violet dress, summer maternity dressshort dress, maternity style, violet dress, summer maternity dress



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  • Great dress 🙂 I bet your all excited now, not long left. Thanks for hosting 🙂

    • elena

      You are right! I’m super excited!!! Thank you for sharing your look

  • ani

    OH my gosh Elena, that must be so super exciting to be a mom in less than 2 weeks. Are you ready yet? I will sure miss your cutest baby bump ever, that dress just looks so fabulous on you. You have to tell me if giving birth hurts so much as of what I heard of 🙂


  • So pretty, and your baby will be here so soon! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures with Visible Monday.

  • Olga Choi

    Такая милая и нежная! Совсем чуть-чуть осталось )))

    MyBlondeGal on facebook

  • So pretty! You are getting close, I’m excited for you. Love the dress & the tree flowers are gorgeous.

  • A dress that can go pre and during bump – pretty impressive. Super cute look.

  • Your little one is going to love seeing these photo’s some day. This is so stunning, you look radiant and peaceful, so full of happiness.

  • Not too long now and still looking chic and stylish! I could get pregnant every year if I were like you! 🙂 Have a great week sweetie!


  • You look so pretty Elena against the cherry blossoms! You are almost there and can’t wait to see pictures of your little man when he arrives 🙂


  • Siobhain

    I seriously have dreams about being pregnant someday and only wearing dresses all day long and looking as adorable as you!



  • Beautiful photos! And you are allll baby. 🙂

    • elena

      Thank you very much for stopping by and your sweet comment!

  • Such amazing pictures with the blooming trees – you are beautiful per usual 🙂

    Pearls & Paws

    • elena

      Thank you very much Heather! I agree, trees are stunning-can spend hours outside an look at them:)

  • You look just lovely! Thanks for hosting the link up!

    • elena

      Thanks a lot for sharing your link!!!

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  • I’ve heard that lots of women get really into organizing the last week before they deliver. Must be the brain telling you that you won’t have much time for that after the baby is born.

    The trees are gorgeous and you look like you are blooming right along with them : )


    • elena

      I’ve heard it too but never thought that it will be so serious:))Thank you for your sweet comment Suzanne!!!!

  • You are definitely “nesting”. That was my favorite part of my pregnancy, I loved all of the preparations right before. You look beautiful!

    • elena

      I feel it too, wish we had more space for baby toys-we got so many already:))

  • what pretty photos! you look great mama!


    • elena

      🙂 Thanks my dear

  • Love the print and good luck in the home stretch!

    • elena

      Thank you very much Nicole

  • Oh my goodness! You look amazing! It is like that dress was made for you and your adorable baby bump! So exciting 39 weeks!


    • elena

      Awww thank you so much dear!!!! You can’t imagine how excited I am:)

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  • Wish you all the best Elena, the DAY could be any day now…So happy for you.

  • Great dress! And 39 weeks! Exciting it’s almost time to meet your little guy!

  • Gorgeous pictures! I love your maternity style!


  • Agi

    That’s what they call “nesting”. When is your due date? Your dress is gorgeous. Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  • Ada

    Both you & your bump are glowing girl. Great Dress. Your little one should be coming any moment now. I remember my OB-Gyn telling me boys take a little longer. I had Vivian on the 38th week, she was ready. Are you as ready as you can ever be?

    By the way, I am doing a special Birthday Blog Party where I invite all of My Readers & Followers to participate. Of course I love your style so you are Welcome to do so. =) All you gotta do is Style an outfit and E-Mail it to me by May 2nd. I will be running the post with everyone’s outfits on May 5th & you can link My Blog or that post to your blog either on the 5th or the next time you post after that. My E-Mail is ada.furxhi(at) Let me know if you’d like to participate Stylish Lady. It will be FUN!! By then I will welcome your Baby as my Guest too, right Elena? =)

    Thanks & Please get back to me about this. =)

    Ohh and I will link up my outfit later today. 😉

  • Always so inspiring,love!

  • So sweet and feminine!

  • Jessica

    Lovely pictures! Congrats!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  • Nearly there – how exciting 🙂 can’t wait to see pics of baby. What a cute dress 🙂

  • Oh wow, what a beauty bump you have, congrats and good luck with a completely family there. ox


  • that dress is adorable!
    – Heather

  • You look gorgeous- just glowing! Congrats on mommy-to-be! 🙂


  • You look beautiful…getting so close…you look FANTASTIC for 39 weeks…seriously…I was a HOUSE by now.

  • Wow 39 weeks! You are almost there. You look amazing.
    If you get a sec, check out my latest post.


  • You look so cute!! I love the dress 🙂

  • Hello, gorgeous Mommy! Pretty print! You look so sweet … what a lovely thing to have so many great pictures of yourself while baby was just a bump. You’ll be happy to have these in years to come.

    I promise myself that I’ll link up with you every week , but once it get Visible Monday posted, and everyone written to, I’m too late! Gotta get to it soon … you are too nice a hostess to offend!
    Have a great week,

  • Love that dress on you! Looking beautiful!

  • Nesting is in full swing!!! You look fantastic!

  • You look so pretty, so close momma! Before you know it your little man will be here. I can only hope to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes when I’m 9 months along…you are stunning. 🙂
    Visiting from the Random Wednesday link up 🙂


  • You look lovely.

    That tree is beautiful.

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  • Love all your pics of the red buds! You look adorable in that dress! Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite
    April Group Giveaway!

  • nice dress, you look so lovely
    are you excited? 🙂

    Très Jolie fashion blog
    follow Très Jolie via Bloglovin
    like Très Jolie on Facebook

    • elena

      Thanks a lot! Ohhh you can’t imagine how excited I am!:)

  • Great look and great blog. Found you from the Penniless Socialite. Visiting from Seeking A Stylist. We have a great new featured in which I encourage people to upload a photo of their personal style. Would love if you would submit a photo.

    I also have free button swaps available. Visit the advertise tab.

  • The blooms make for a spectacular backdrop!

  • Isa

    First, you look SO gorgeous! Also – I can’t believe you can actually reuse items in your wardrobe – and still look just as amazing!

    • elena

      Thank you Isa! I didn’t want to spend to much money on maternity items, so trying to use all the stretchy pieces in my closet:)

  • You look stunning and beautiful. So it´s a boy. Lovely 😀



  • That’s a beautiful dress! Looking good mama! Home stretch!