Sea, Sun & Stripes

striped dressI’m trying to survive the unbearable heat by looking at these fresh fun photos from our vacation. I know, I know I have to stop talking about our trip already, but I still have a few hundreds pics that I want to share:)

У нас опять пекло но глядя на эти фоточки становится как то посвежее-ах как же хочется на пляж! Я думала буду спасаться этим летом у бассейна но моя радость испарилась после первого похода. Уже после 15 минут под палящим солнцем я чувствовала себя поджаренной сарделькой, пришлось поджав хвост бежать в прохладное логово.

how to wear stripescroatiaI’m wearing Asos dress that is out of stock already but here you can find some pretty dresses

I’m also very excited to be a part of Saumya’s Trend Trotting Thursday where she and her guest bloggers style pretty looks based on a certain trend. Today’s theme for TTT is stripes. Saumya and I have two looks for you and a few Do’s and Dont’s of wearing this trend. Make sure to visit her blog for more gorgeous outfits and great style tips!stripesDO’s for wearing stripes:- What can be more fun and flattering than the striped dress? There are so many designs that you can style from casual to formal by adding just one piece. DO wear a dress like this one with your favorite denim jacket for nights out and with structured blazer or cardigan for more sophisticated look.

Saumya’s DONT’S for wearing stripes:- 

Don’t shy from wearing horizontal stripes. Pick a size, decently spaced, that balances your bodily lopsidedness. In my case, I chose horizontal on the bottom to offset my broad shoulders.

Don’t go overboard with stripes and prints, unless you are a print-mixing pro. Let one print be the outfit-stopper, in this case the stripes.

Don’t stress out, but have fun !
myriad musings

  • Love your dress!

    Liz @

    • This is such a lovely dress! I wore it 100 times and it still feels as new

  • Loooove you in that striped dress!!

    • Thank you dear! It was definitely one of my best find! Can wear it 24/7

  • Sarah Atkinson

    Nice photos. When done right stripes look awesome, you look great!


    • Thanks a lot Sarah!

  • very cool photos

  • ADA

    Gorgeous dress and awesome photos Elena. I adore that full dress plus it has B+W Stripes which are my favorite. What a fun collaboration, also. =)

  • Lea

    What a perfect dress! I’m a sucker for black and white stripes.


  • Sarah

    Stripes are the best! You look super cute in that dress. : )


  • Jennifer

    Love that these stripes aren’t all in the same direction! The cut of the dress is just fabulous!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  • Fun pictures – and the dress, fabulous!


  • Dhruvi

    I have that dress – I can’t believe I haven’t worn it yet!! Looks fab on you!

    Stilettos & Sequins