Sparkles and Stones

fashion illustration, sketch watercolor, art

by Elena Fay

gold dipped geodes, geodes necklacegeodes, gold dipped geodes, necklacegeodes, gold dipped geodes, necklace

Here is one of the recent commissions I’ve been working on. This illustrations was created for lovely Rebecca, the owner of jewelry shop on Etsy. When I first saw her sparkly accessories I fell in love with these stones, especially with this gold dipped geodes. Her shop is filled with very pretty and affordable items, go check it out!


Сегодня я хотела с вами поделиться одной из моих последних работ. Эту иллюстрацию заказала Ребекка, у которой есть свой интернет магазинчик. Когда я впервые наткнулась на ее страничку то просто влюбилась в эту подвеску.  Eсли вы ищете симпатичные но недорогие подарки, то ее аксессуары будут просто идеальным выбором. 

  • Natalia Restrepo

    That is such a pretty pendant, and your illustration is impeccable as usual


    • Thanks a lot Natalia!!! I’m so glad you like my sketches!!!

  • Love this illustration, just beautiful! And I love that necklace 🙂

    • Thank a lot, so sweet of you!!! I agree, this pendant is adorable and it’s perfect for my blond hair:)

  • Fleurani

    Cant get enough of your illustration, so pretty so look on. You can work on a whole illustration book, I would buy it IMMEDIATELY :-). That pendant is so gorgeous 🙂


    • Thank you so much my friend, maybe someday:)) I actually started working on something special, will see how it goes!

  • Love the details in the sweater! Great job 🙂

    aka Bailey