• I’m so glad to visit your blog again. It’s been too long. Yeah I’m busy and stressed (the usual family problems) and it’s November (the jinxed month for me). Okay I stop complaining. Ethan is a big boy now and super cute. You look amazing as always and your style is very classy and ladylike now (compared to the beginning of your blog). Your blog will always be one of my favorites. Did you know you were the first person to comment on ours? We are really excited to see the illustration and happy. So thank you so much for that. Have a happy weekend Elena 😀

  • Ani

    I wanna cuddle those cute cheeks from Ethan, what a super cutiepie :-*

    I love christmas decoration too, since a week I listen to christmas songs NON STOP my coworker already got the crisis hahaha 😉


  • What a pretty plate of fruit 🙂 Happy holidays!

    aka Bailey