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Lazy Weekend: Fashion Illustration

watercolor painting, girl in bed illustration, pretty painting, fashion illustrationwatercolor fashion illustration, fashion art, watercolor paintingIt’s been a while since I could have a lazy weekend, just stay in bed and watch TV while drinking delicious tea. Even the idea of sleeping in makes me happy!:) I’m sure new moms will understand.  Dream…. dreams…. Well, I  think I’m not gona have a relaxing weekend in the next 18 years that’s why I did this sketch as a reminder of little things that make me happy:)

Have a beautiful day everyone!


Как же давно не было возможности провести совершенно ленивый выходной. Просто понежиться в постели, смотреть любимый фильм и наслаждаться ароматным чаем! Остается только мечтать о таком счастье,  думаю молодые мамы меня поймут:) Ну я думаю в ближайшие 18 лет мне это не светит. Ну что ж, если не удается вернуться к таким денькам то хоть эта иллюстрация будет напоминать о маленьких радостях:)



What Are You Looking At?…. illustration

children illustration, whimsical illustration, cute drawing, children sketch, art by Elena Fay

Illustration by Elena Fay

Hi everyone,

This illustration was inspired by my rose petal dress look from my previous post. I created this crazy looking bird because during the shoot one bird was following me around the garden, it was cute and funny at the beginning but then it became super annoying:)

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Have a great day