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Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

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Happy New Year my friends!!!!!

So this is my very first post of 2016 and I wanted to say thank you all for your enormous support!!! I know, it sounds cliche, but without you this blog wouldn’t exits! I mentioned on my Insta page @dcinstyle that a few years ago I couldn’t even dream about turning my hobby into a career but these days I have fun with watercolors pretty much all day/every day and I can call it my job. Amazing, isn’t it? 2015 was amazing: my little son turned 2 and we welcomed another little boy to this world. Words can’t even describe the feeling when I see how our older son cares about the baby! And 2015 was also exciting for my social media-I was a suggested user on Instagram, had a chance to work with great brands and got featured by awesome pages: Sturbucks, Loreal Paris, Frank Body etc…

I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring and to share this experience with you!!!



Sweet Friday: Perfect Waffle Recipe

waffles watercolor illustration , watercolor painting, food illustration Happy Friday everyone!!!!
After many many trials, I finally found the perfect Belgian waffles recipe!

Last Sunday I was trying this recipe and didn’t even expected how good they will turn out! You can find “step by step” on Jennifer’s blog (she has lots of great recipes), the only change I made with these waffles was adding 2 table spoons of sugar.

Those waffles were soon good, the tray was empty literally in a few minutes!:)

Have a great weekend!!!


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Sweet Friday

Happy Friday everyone,

First of all, wanted to thank everyone who voted for me in a “Summer Color Challenge” (the challenge is still on), you are the best!!!!! And now lets see what made this week so sweet.

My little bug is almost 3 month old, every single minute with him is a joy (except night hours:)

my baby, newborn, artistic blog, russian bloggerThese charming blooms smell so goodmy baby, newborn, artistic blog, russian bloggermy baby, newborn, artistic blog, russian bloggerThe summer heat is crazy but how can I not love it my baby, newborn, artistic blog, russian bloggerTaking our new stroller for a ridemy baby, newborn, artistic blog, russian blogger