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Summer Vibes & Giveaway

fashion illustration, swimwear sketch, beachwear painting, swimsuit illustrationHappy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

First of all, thank you everyone for your sweet words and good wishes on our baby arrival announcement on Instagram. Being a mom is a hard work but it’s the most rewarding job on the planet and I love every second of it!!!

When Ethan was born, I’ve been craving sweets really bad and I have the same cravings with my second baby. There are lots of healthy tips about fighting these cravings, I’ll tell you what I do:

1. First of all, I got rid of all the junk food, no reason to keep these items around. “What if my friends ask for chips or cookies”-bad excuse girl, just throw it away!!!

2. Started drinking more water and juices. Water with lemon in the morning and green tea during the day are my best friends.

3. Filled the fridge with vegetables and fruits and found more interesting healthy recipes. Eating more fiber helps you to lose weight because it fills up the stomach quicker and prevents you from eating more.

Being a mom of 2 is not an excuse and now it’s time to get in shape because I can’t wait to rock my new swimwear!!! While summer is almost over in DC and we are getting ready for crispy air and windy days, I wanted to bring you this awesome giveaway that will warm your heart. I’m very excited to collaborate with Blumoss and bring you the giveaway where you can win a suit of your choice! Enter on Instagramswimsuit, swimwear, DC fashion blog, creative blogswimsuit, swimwear, DC fashion blog, creative blogswimsuit, swimwear, DC fashion blog, creative blog, beachwearblumoss swimwear, fashion illustration, watercolor painting, DC fashion illustrator

Win a suit of your choice from BLUMOSS!!!!

To enter the giveaway

1. Follow @blumossswimwear on Instagram

2. Follow @dcinstyle on Instagram

3. Tag your friends who would like to win beautiful swimwear

Winner announced 9/22! (Contest is US only.)

Summer Dress & Monday Bloom Linkup

H&M dress, H&M denim jacket, summer look

H&M dress, H&M jacket

Yesterday was one of those days that I didn’t want to end. We had everything I could only wish for this Mother’s Day celebration: beautiful weather, delicious food and people I love. The weather in DC is temperamental, no mater how hot it is during the day you never know what to expect by the end of the day, that’s why I never leave the house without light denim jacket.

Hope you guys had an amazing Mother’s day with your loved ones!


Вчера был один из тех дней с которым просто не хотелось прощаться. Было все что только можно пожелать в день мамы: суперский солнечный день,  море вкусняшек и конечно же дорогие мне люди ( жаль что мама, сестра и премяша так далеко от меня). Погода в DC стала очень капризной,  не важно как жарко днем, вечером становится холодно ну и везунчики типа меня обязательно попадут в ураган. Поэтому зонт и джинсовка всегда при мне.

baby boy, Ethan, 1 year old, Mothers dayH&M dress, H&M denim jacket, summer lookThe scent of lilacs always brings so many amazing memories from my childhood//// сладкий аромат сирени всегда приносит море воспоминаний из детстваlilac photo, lilac beautyH&M dress, H&M denim jacket, summer lookH&M dress, H&M denim jacket, summer looklilacsH&M dress, H&M denim jacket, summer look

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Are you ready for a Monday Bloom LINK-UP party? Rules are very easy:

1. Link to your latest outfit posts, not your blog’s main page.

2. Include a link to DC in Style somewhere in your post.

3 Meet amazing people and have fun!!!

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