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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

I’ve been looking forward to the holidays and Thanksgiving is only couple days away now! This year I want to create something beautiful and unique for the Thanksgiving table centerpiece. There are so many creative ideas and DIY projects out there, so I’ve gathered my favorites here and now I just have to decide which one will be perfect for our table. Which one is your favorite?

thanksgiving table decorations, table centerpiece ideas, thanksgiving decoration ideas, beautiful Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving table decoration ideas, table center piece ideas, table decoration DIY

Thanksgiving table decorations, how to decorate Thanksgiving table, table centerpiece

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creative DIY projects

Charming doily covered lamp shade project by “A Beautiful Mess”DIY project fro A beautiful mess blog, creating a lace lamp DIY, table lamp DIY

DIY project fro A beautiful mess blog, creating a lace lamp DIY, table lamp DIY

Lovely DIY project that will help to organize your jewelry, found on MyBlondeGal’s FB pageDIY project for jewelry pieces, best DIY project,

DIY project for jewelry pieces, best DIY project,

Incredible bag from pop tabs DIYbest DIY projects, creative DIY projects, fashion and art

creative ideas for DIY projects, best DIY projects, artistic blog

Planter and candle holder DIYBeautiful DIY projects, creative ideas for DIY, planter& candle holder

DIY, How to... creative DIY ideas, fashion blog, style blog

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you the most incredible DIY projects that will inspire you to create something beautiful. These creative projects look complicated but they actually are not very difficult. Do you like to create, decorate and transform? Tell me about your favorite DIY project!!!

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Creative Solution for Storing Makeup Brushes

I’m tired of losing my makeup brushes!

Here’s a perfect solution! Take a glass vase and fill it with coffee beans. Then stick your makeup brushes in it. It’s such a great way to store them and it looks very cute on your counter. This mini project is so easy, economical, and useful!

Truth be told, I do not drink coffee but I like the aroma of it.

Don’t want to use coffee beans? Use marbles, dried beans or jewels!

PHOTOS: Makeup brushes in coffee beans photo found here. Face/eyes makeup brushes holder photo found here.

Parsley to brighten dark under eye circles

Tip of the day from Organic Spa Room.

Make an inexpensive eye mask using parsley to help brighten under-eye circles.

The skin under our eyes thins over time, which makes blood vessels more visible. And it is their slightly bluish color that gives the illusion of circles under the eyes. Parsley is an excellent sources of vitamin K, which can reduce blood flow to the eye area when applied.

Parsley Eye Mask
1 small handful of fresh parsley
2 Tbsp. of plain yogurt

Chop the fresh green leaves. Combine the parsley and yogurt. Gently apply to under-eye area, relax for 15- 20 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.

Try this once a week to brighten up your under-eye skin.