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Meet Beautiful Doranda

Happy Friday my friends! Just wanted to say THANK YOU guys for your sweet comments on my previous post! I’m taking several days off from the blog to spend time with my baby Ethan but don’t think that the blog is abandoned! You’ll meet amazing guest bloggers who were incredibly kind to share their blogging and maternity experience with you, so stay tuned! I’m so excited to introduce my lovely blogger friend Doranda who is incredibly beautiful and elegant. Check out her blog and you’ll fell in love with her!
Hi, I’m Doranda guest posting over from Watch Out for the Woestmans where I usually talk
about fashion, family, and photography.
I especially love to look at Elena’s pictures and her maternity style.  It can be hard to dress for the bump but I think it is a fun challenge.

With three young kids running around the house and one newborn finding time to blog can seem like a challenge.  But for me, blogging is more of an outlet.  My kids are good nappers so I
usually take that time to use the blog for a creative outlet.  I think blogging while being a mom is the best because sometimes it gives me a reason to be a better mom.  For example, I will have
nothing to post about and feel like moping around the house all day.
But since I do want something to post about it gives me an additional reason to get up and get something done.  I also think it will be really nice for the kids to be able to look back at old
blog posts when they get older.  For me it is my life’s journal.

Stop by my blog and check it out!