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1 Month Old Milestones

girl with stroller illustration, fashion illustration, drawing, sketchYou have probably noticed my disappearance, ohhh yes, these last 4 weeks were busy busy busy.  It’s been 1 month since coming back from the hospital with our precious little boy. I know everybody say that but the time really flies super fast. Ethan is such a sweet boy and he grows and changes every single day!  I’m so excited about next month and can’t wait to see what it brings to his adorable personality!
stroller, new mommy, postmaternity lookI can kiss these sweet cheeks all day long!!!1 month old, newborn, cute baby, stretch YSL lipstick, sunglasses, drawing pad



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Welcome to This World

newborn illustration, Photoshop illustration, cute drawing, children illustration

by Elena Fay

Ethan baby boy

Meet my precious little baby boy Ethan who was born on Sunday, 4/28/13. We still can’t believe that he is finally here, I was dreaming about this moment for a long time and now it’s real!!! Every second with him and my family is full of joy and happiness!

Thank you my friends for your kind wishes and amazing support during my pregnancy! I can’t even describe how much does it mean to me!!!


Ну вот и мой малыш Итан. Если честно, до сих пор не верится что мой карапузик тут рядышком со мной, я так долго мечтала об этом моменте и сейчас это уже не мечта а реальность. Меня просто переполняет счастье и радость.

Всем огромное спасибо за ваши теплые пожелания и поддержку на протяжении всей моей беременности!!!!!!!!!!