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Sweet Friday

baby boy, 2 months boy, newborn, sweet babyI hope everyone who celebrates 4th of July enjoyed incredible fireworks and time with your loved ones!

This quick post is about all the things that made my week so sweet and happy!


Всем привет,

Надеюсь все кто празднует День Независимости насладились шикарным салютом и конечно же вечером со своими близкими. Этот пост о том что украсило эту неделю и сделало ее настолько сказочной и счастливой.

Ohhh yes, he is getting big so fast!!!!!!!!!! /     как же быстро он растет!!!baby boy, 2 months boy, newborn, sweet babyDo you see jealousy in his big eyes? He wants to cuddle too:)   /   А вы видите ревность в его огромных глазах? Наш котик безумно ревнует к малышу и тоже хочет чтобы его ласкали и носили на руках:) exotic shorthair, cute cat, kitten, funny catLovely gift on my firs Mother’s day from my sweet sister Lilly. Can’t stop wearing it!!!  /   Милый подарок на мой первый День Мамы от Лилли.initial pendant, sweet necklace, gift



tips for healthy and beautiful hair

Couple days ago I got a call from my friend who was in tears after getting a very short haircut instead of a trim. Ohhh…  I’ve been there and know exactly how she felt. There were so many times when I felt extremely disappointed when I walked out of the salon. I know that stylists can’t read our minds so I always explain exactly what I want, but telling your stylist what you expect doesn’t mean that you’ll get it-and it’s very sad! (In case you wonder why don’t I visit the same stylist-we move a lot so I have to change salons all the time).

I found a solution that guaranties me healthy hair and helps to save money!


how to trim split ends at home, healthy hair, beautiful hair, tips for healthy hair

Trimming split ends at home is very easy and helps to keep my hair healthy and beautiful. Here are these easy steps:

1. Part your hair down the center so you have two equal sections.

2. Separate one side into several parts, then tightly twist one of them all the way to the tips.

3. Snip the broken V-shaped ends that pop away from the twist with very sharp scissors. Repeat this step with the rest of your hair.

What is your secret of gorgeous hair??? Please share with us!

Have a beautiful day,




acorn napkin ring DIY

Happy Thursday everyone,

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away? Neither can I! Now it’s a perfect time to decide on the menu and table decorations for family gathering! Couple days ago I stumbled upon very cute acorn napkin ring picture and decided to create these rings for our Thanksgiving table.

how to create acorn napkin ring for Thanksgiving table, napkin ring DIY, cute napkin ring,table decorations

how to create acorn napkin ring for Thanksgiving table, napkin ring DIY, cute napkin ring

table decorations, Thanksgiving table decoration, how to create napkin ring, acorn napkin ring

For this project you’ll need: acorns(bottoms and tops), wire, glue, drill or needle.

1. Gather acorns, wash them with warm water and let them dry. Bake acorns in the oven to get rid of any insects that can still be inside (175 degrees, 1 hour), here is a great article “How to Dry Acorns for Crafts“.

2. Make small holes in the acorns through their equator (you are lucky if you have a drill:)).

3. Glue the tops of the acorns to the bottoms and allow to dry.

4. String acorns on the wire, rotate them top-side up and bottom-side up to make them stay closer.

5. Connect the ends of the wire together and cut the ends off.

6. Spray the acorns with Fixative (it will make your acorns look shinier and make them lust longer).

Hope you like this DIY!  Here are some inspiring ideas for your Thanksgiving table.

Have a great day,




Art of Cooking: How to Make Your Food Look Beautiful

Art Of Cooking illustrationfood typography illustration, Photoshop illustration, cute CG food drawing

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for visiting my blog and for your support and kind words during the hurricane! The storm is over and we are back to normal life. Hopefully everyone is OK and have power back on! 

During the storm we didn’t have power and the only thing I could think about was the fresh cooked dinner:) I cook everyday and to make the process and food more exciting I use some tricks. Today I want to share with you this little trick that will make your salad look super adorable! For creating heart shaped eggs you’ll need: eggs (I love quail eggs because it’s an enriched source of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin B Riboflavin), chopsticks, piece of poster board or hard paper. By the way, my husband didn’t get what I tried to show on my illustration, did you?:))

tricks of styling your food, how to make heart shaped eggs,

salad recipe photo collage, how to style the salad

How to create heart shaped eggs for salad, great salad tricks

Hope you enjoyed it,



Hurricane Sandy. There is Always a Rainbow After the Rain.

rain behind the window illustration, girls drinks tea during the rain drawing, cute Photoshop illustration

Hurricane Sandy is here and the view from my apartment on 16 floor is really scary. Delicious food and good movies make the day more positive:) Hopefully you are staying safe and warm and remember that there is always a rainbow after the ran!!!

“From Washington to Boston, subways, buses, trains and schools were shut down and more than 7,000 flights grounded across the region of 50 million people. The New York Stock Exchange was closed. And hundreds of thousands of people were under orders to move to higher ground to await the storm’s fury.”(Huffington Post)

pancakes for breakfast

stormy day photo